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Adoption Information and Policy

  1. Before applying, review, and assure that you have an appropriately sized cage. It is crucial to us that your guinea pig has a proper size cage!

  2. Review appropriate guinea pig diet and pellets. 

  3. You must live in Washington State, or be willing to travel to our home-based rescue in Snohomish County, WA to be considered for adoption. 

  4. We do not adopt to minors under 18. We MUST have an adult or guardian over 18 years old contact us and apply to be approved as the guinea pig(s), primary caregivers.

  5. We have a "pairs policy". If you don't own a guinea pig, you may adopt a bonded pair or if you have a guinea pig of your own you may create a pair from our single guinea pigs with our FREE matchmaking services. 


RETURN POLICY: If for any reason you cannot keep them or provide proper care, GUINEA PIG(S) MUST BE RETURNED TO BIGFOOT'S GUINEA PIG RESCUE.

Guinea pigs are herd animals and should always be kept in pairs! If you have a lonely piggy, we offer matchmaking services so your piggy can find that one best friend they will bond closer than ever with.

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