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Fostering Opportunities

As a foster parent, you are responsible for:

  • Love, attention, and daily care of your foster.

  • Provide vegetables and If possible, provide pellets, and hay. (we can provide if not able to)

  • Provide an appropriate indoor living environment

  • Monitoring your foster and reporting any signs of illness or abnormal behavior.

  • Getting approval before committing to take in sick and/or surrendered guinea pigs on behalf of Bigfoot's GPR. 

  • Getting approval before taking your foster to the vet.

  • Notifying us, if you are no longer able to foster.

  • Foster guinea pigs can find their forever home in as quickly as 2 weeks but foster parents should be prepared to foster as long as needed. Some piggies need to find a home that best fits them (:


  Bigfoot's Guinea Pig Rescue pays for all vet care your foster piggie(s). We also provide a midwest cage! 

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